The Darkness Is All I Know
I want to describe what the person was saying to me, but I don't know if they follow you or anything and I don't what them too see it and start more. I wpuld have messaged you, but couldn't.

You could fan mail me darling, they won’t be able to see it and I can’t post it


I just feel this gem needs to be giffed

How do you deal with aholes on here? Cuz this one guy is seriously being rude to me.

It depends on what they are doing/saying to you. If you give me specifics I’ll tell you what’s best to do

Is there any Dolph Ziggler rp blogs that follow me? (For edits and whatnot I guess)

Shoot me an ask real quick?


People who get 20 notes on a post within 0.3 seconds of posting it are too powerful and we have to be wary of them


on tumblr, people think benedict cumberbatch is hotter than randy orton and this scares me


if you judge people for finding wrestlers attractive but think that benedict cumberbatch is some kind of sex god i will laugh directly in your face

But Burn Notice tho
Teal. :))

Cools ^-^

Purple :)

Thank you!



Hey I attempted to sing for a moment.
Why didn’t someone stop me.

It’s not even bad it’s pretty good :3 the-darkness-is-all-i-know

Aw! Thank you!

Black, green, blue

Aww c: thank you!